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The National Cycle Network is a network of signed paths and routes across the UK, brought to you by GTV视频.听

But it's more than just for cycling.听

It鈥檚 for your morning run or your afternoon dog walk.

It's a space to enjoy nature or a place where you can talk with friends.

It鈥檚 a peaceful commute to work or a safe place to wind down from school.

However you use it, the National Cycle Network is there for it all.

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Front cover of our South West traffic-free National Cycle Network routes guide.

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Download our digital guide to the best traffic-free routes on the National Cycle Network near you.

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Debbie riding her recumbent trike along a traffic-free National Cycle Network route.

Debbie, from Gloucester

Having access to the National Cycle Network has improved my mobility. And it saves me having to get my car out.

With my trike, I can access nature spots that I wouldn鈥檛 have been able to before.

That brings me a lot of joy and a sense of empowerment.

Even though I鈥檓 living with a disability, I can be myself and enjoy exercise just like everyone else.


The National Cycle Network is a lifeline for thousands of people every day.

And with over 12,000 miles of National Cycle Network spanning the whole of the UK, your favourite route is likely closer than you think.

Almost 8,000 towns, cities, villages and other settlements across Great Britain are connected by the National Cycle Network.

32% of primary schools are within one mile of an access point to the Network.

And 60% of secondary schools are within two miles of an access point.

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Find a route on the National Cycle Network


People use the Network in all sorts of ways, and for all sorts of reasons.听听

It supports your physical health and wellbeing

The Network provides a safe place for you to get outdoors, do some exercise, and breathe in the fresh air.听

And all of this supports our mental health and wellbeing too.

It provides you with access to nature

The hedgerows, flowers and trees along the Network provide shelter, homes and food for a variety of wildlife.

It connects communities and brings people together

For many, the National Cycle Network is a way to get to the shops, to meet friends or to commute to work.

The paths connect communities to their heritage, foster a sense of belonging to local advocacy groups and provide leisure routes for exploring the countryside.